Principal Investigator

Sidong Huang

Sidong Huang, Ph.D. 

Dr. Sidong Huang is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and the Rosalind & Morris Goodman Cancer Research Centre at McGill University. He holds a Canada Research Chair in Functional Genomics and is the scientific director of the McGill Platform for Cellular Perturbation.

He studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Boston University and subsequently obtained his Ph.D. from the University of California, San Francisco in 2003, under the supervision of Dr. Erin O’Shea. He then joined the laboratory of Dr. Rene Bernards at the Netherlands Cancer Institute for his postdoctoral training. In 2013, he established his independent research group at McGill University. His work has uncovered novel resistance mechanisms to cancer therapeutics, identified new treatment strategies, and led to the establishment of clinical trials.

Lab Members


Jutta Steinberger

Research Associate

Jutta obtained her Ph.D. from the Medical University of Vienna in 2014 and joined the lab in 2019. She manages projects in the lab and provides supports. One of her research projects focuses on DICER1-associated sarcomas.


Laure Poittevin De La Frégonnière

Research Assistant

Laure joined the lab in 2019 and obtained her M.Sc. in 2021. She provides lab support, assists the McGill Platform for Cellular Perturbation, and works on adaptive regulation in response to CDK4/6 inhibition in cancer.


Xianbing Zhu

Ph.D. Candidate

Xianbing joined the lab in 2017. His research focus is to uncover novel druggable vulnerabilities in lung and ovarian cancers. He is supported by Charlotte & Leo Karassik Foundation Oncology Ph.D. Fellowship and Donner Foundation Studentship.


Zheng Fu

Ph.D. Candidate

Zheng joined the lab in 2017. He works on revealing druggable vulnerabilities in SMARCA4-deficient ovarian and lung cancers. He is supported by Canderel Studentship and Dr. Victor K.S. Lui Fellowship.


Giulio Aceto

Ph.D. Candidate

Giulio joined the lab in 2019. His research aims to uncover the driver pathways of SWI/SNF-deficient cancers using functional genetics approaches. He is supported by Canderel Studentship and Emma Ciani Studentship.


Paco Jiang

Ph.D. Candidate

Paco joined the lab in 2021 after his Master’s training in General Surgery at Peking Union Medical College. His research focuses on the molecular mechanisms of pathogenic SMARCA4 variants in cancers.

Bianca Adams
M.Sc. Candidate

Bianca was an undergraduate student at McGill University and now is an MSc student since June 2020. She is exploring a novel vulnerability of SMARCA4/2 deficiency in cancers. She is supported by Chen-Li Biomedical Research Undergraduate Award and Canderel M.Sc. Studentship.


Hannah Hosein

M.Sc. Candidate

Hannah obtained her B.Sc. from McMaster University and joined the lab in 2020. Her research project focuses on DICER1-associated sarcomas. She is supported by Goodman Cancer Centre Recruitment Scholarship and Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship.

Connie Yang
Undergraduate Student

Connie is an undergraduate student in the Department of Biochemistry at McGill University. She works on chromatin factors modulating chemotherapy responses in cancers. She is supported by Canderel Rising Star Summer Studentship.

Mark Liao
Undergraduate Student

Mark is an undergraduate student majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Computer Science at McGill University. He works on novel synthetic lethal candidates of SMARCA4 loss in lung cancer.

Former Lab Members

Erika Prando Munhoz, Research Assistant (2020-2021), Now at Calgary, Canada

Howard Li, Honors Undergraduate Student (2019-2020), Now a Medical School student, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Geneviève Morin, Research Assistant (2015-2020), Now Responsable de travaux pratiques et de recherche, Université Laval, Québec City, Canada

Yibo Xue, PhD student (2014-2019), Now a Postdoctoral Fellow, The Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Toronto, Canada

Tim Kong, Honors Undergraduate Student, Master Student, Research Assistant (2015-2019) Now an MD/PhD student, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, USA 

Rachel Bramley, Undergraduate Student (2018) Now a Dental Medicine student, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Cameron Levins, Master Student (2016-2018) Now a Medical School student, McGill University, Montreal, Canada 

Jessica Karaguesian, Undergraduate Student (2017) Now an Undergraduate student, McGill University, Montreal, Canada 

Lashanda Skerritt, Summer Student (2017) Now an MD/PhD student, McGill University, Montreal, Canada 

Sara Ferwati, Master Student (2015-2017) Now an Epidemiologist at Government of Nunavut, Canada 

Nikki Cliffe, Summer Student, Honors Undergraduate Student (2016-2017) Now a Medical School Student, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

Hongbo Chen, Visiting Professor (2015-2016) Now an Associate Professor, Sun Yat-sen University, China

Andreas Papadakis, Postdoctoral Fellow (2013-2016) Now a Research Associate at Lady Davis Institute, Montreal, Canada 

Kateryna Rossokhata, Honors Undergraduate Student (2016) Now an PhD student, McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, Canada 

Tiffany Cho, Summer Student (2015) Now a PhD Student, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada 

Chi Ying Cheng, Postdoctoral Fellow (2013-2015) Now an Inside Sales representative at SCP Science, Baie-D’Urfe, Canada 

Larischa De Wet, Honors Undergraduate Student (2014) Now a PhD Student, University of Chicago, Chicago, USA

Zhi Zeng, Honors Undergraduate Student (2013-2014) Now a Research Associate, Exiger Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada

Meaghan Van Alstyne, Honors Undergraduate Student (2013) Now a PhD Student, Columbia University, New York, USA

Maryam Ghashghaei, Summer Student (2013) Now a PhD Student, McGill University, Montreal, Canada