Service Request

We provide McGill researchers access to functional genetic tools targeting human and mouse genomes. These arrayed collections include ready to use lentiviral shRNA, CRISPR/Cas9 sgRNA and ORF clones as well as the entry ORF clones for gateway cloning. All clones are sequence-verified and are in the format of glycerol bacteria stock. A mini bacteria culture (5 ml) will be provided for each clone requested.

Placing the request online

Please use the following links for your clone search and service order: shRNA, CRISPR or ORF. These are McGill campus-restricted websites. To access off-campus, please connect through VPN.

You can search either by Gene Symbol or by Gene ID. You can search for multiple genes at a time by using the “+” sign. You will see the service fee for your request once you select the clones and proceed to fill in the request form.

You need a FOAPAL or PO number to place your request.

Processing the request

Requests are processed once per week on Friday. Requests made after Thursday will be processed in the next cycle.

Once the request is processed, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to pick up the bacterial cultures for your clones. The pickup date is usually the following Tuesday, or the week after depending on the number of requests.

The inoculation of shRNA and ORF bacterial clones is carried out on Monday

Picking up the clones

Please pick up your clone cultures during the hours indicated on the confirmation email. We are not responsible for problems caused by prolonged storage of the bacterial cultures if they are not picked up on time.

If you have any question or special request, please contact [email protected]