Arrayed Genetic Perturbation Collections

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Human and mouse genome-wide TRC lentiviral shRNA libraries (TRC1, 1.5 and 2) generated by the RNAi Consortium(TRC). In pLKO.1-puro or pLKO.5-puro vectors.


Human genome-wide transEDIT-dual CRISPR library (TransOMIC) developed using the Croatan algorithm (Erard et al., 2017). In pCLIP-Dual-SFFV-ZsGreen vector, expresses 2 gRNAs targeting the same gene. The collection includes an average of 3 vectors/gene.

pCLIP-dual-SFFV-ZsGreen Map

ORF (Open Reading Frame)

Human genome-wide lentiviral ORF collection in pLX317 vector (Puromycin; barcode; V5 tag)

Human genome-wide lentiviral ORF collection in pLX304 vector (Blasticidin; V5 tag)

Human ORFeome v8.1 and ORFeome Collaboration Collections (Entry) Mouse ORF Collection (Entry)